Energy waste is partly due to human factor

guests and personnels both contribute to energy waste,

that is why it's very hard to eliminate

For example, hotel-guest may leave the room with the heater or air-conditioner turned on.

Or the cleaning service may be working while the door is left open.

The problem is that in a good running hotel environment, everybody is always busy, such that energy-waste issue is often overlooked.

That is why, wattflower has invented this new innovative service to solve this energy-wasting problem using technology!  

We simply would like to help you reduce energy waste.

How we

How does wattflower reduce energy waste ?

simply by applying common sense, automatically!

Wattflower obtains energy saving simply by:

  • Turning-off / reduce energy when the guests leave the room,

  • Turning-on / raise the heating / air-conditioning as soon as they return.

  • Regulating temperature from being to hot / too cold, especially during the night.

  • Turning off heating/air-conditioning during cleaning-service

All of these can be programmed simply in a few clicks, and everything will runs on it's own, automatically in each room equiped with the wattbox.

Wattbox is the small device to be installed on the air-conditioner / heater in each room.

Wattbox is capable of detecting human presence in the room, using ultrasonic technology, and control the air-conditioning or heater according to the guest-presence of the room.  

Wattbox is also equipped with an energy-meter (kwh) allowing measurement of the energy consumed, and the energy-saving obtained.

Wattbox can be installed very easily on a split-type air-conditioner or electric-heater.

Learn more about the wattbox v2.0.

Zero investment

Zero investment !

It is wattflower who will invests in your hotel!

We provides all equipment, web applications and maintenance. 

Wattflower service provides the followings:

  • All the equipment to run the service: devices, networks and web-applications for remote-management.

  • Installation of the devices in your hotel.

  • Manage the day to day running of the devices, making sure that you continue to reduce energy-waste.

  • Maintenance of the devices.


  • Low risk

  • Does not burden your budget.


50% profit sharing scheme

always profitable to you.

adapt to hotel occupancy

ensures good quality of service

Wattflower profit sharing scheme: 

  • The wattbox measures the energy consumption of the heater/air-conditioner,

  • and the energy saving obtained by lower energy consumption.

  • Wattbox collects these information and provides you with report at the end of every month.

  • Wattflower service fee is just 50% of the energy saving measured.

This profit sharing scheme is always beneficial to you:

  • In low seasons the energy-saving fee will adjust lower by nature, and in high season it will adjust accordingly.
    If you don't gain in energy-saving, then you don't have anything to pay.

  • The profit sharing scheme is also a method to ensure good quality of service from wattflower.

  • By own-interest, wattflower will make sure that the equipment provided are running in good conditions.


Free energy saving estimation! 

So how much energy-saving can you expect from wattflower?

We can quickly equip two rooms in your hotel,

and in two weeks we'll have the answer.

Free of charge, without any obligation.

 This Wattflower energy-saving-estimation program is designed to help you further in your decision making process.

  • We will install free-of-charge, a few equipment in your hotel. 

  • Installation normally takes around 15 minutes in each room.

  • The wattbox installed will do some series of measurement in real-condition with typical guests of your hotel.

  • After two weeks we will return to you with the energy-saving potential that you can expect from wattflower.

  • The energy-saving-estimation program is completely free, and there is no obligation to subscribe to wattflower service.

Just click here and let us know, and our local partner will be in contact with you shortly.

Try Wattflower   

Energy-saving token prices

We sell you what really counts: energy saving at least 50% off normal electricity price.
Tokens are to be recharged into wattbox devices provided with the starting-kit.

  • €6 100 kwh
  • 100 kwh Energy Saving
  • 50% Off electricity price
  • 1 Recharge Token
  • RSA-SHA secure-token valid only for your device
  • Offline/Online
    recharge method
  • €100 1800 kwh
    1 Hotel
  • 1800 kwh Energy Saving
  • 53,7% Discount
    of normal electricity cost.
  • Online distribution only
    Tokens will be evenly distributed to all devices in your establishment
  • €500 10 Mwh
    1 Hotel
  • 10 000 kwh Energy Saving
    58,3% Discount

    of normal electricity cost.
  • Online distribution only
    Tokens will be evenly distributed to all devices in your establishment

*) Prices in euro, based on French marginal kwh price shown as comparison, effective price depends on your location.